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Apps Like Netflix But Better | Top 10 Best Netflix Alternatives

The Netflix is the king of the online content streaming industry. On the Netflix, the subscribers find the best of the best TV shows and Movies to watch online at reasonable price. The Model of Netflix helps the Entertainment industry to stop the piracy of their content. Well, that’s why Netflix got so popular in short period and become one of the top online media providers. But, there are many alternatives to Netflix available to choose. The Netflix is the best but not the only one in the market. There are many apps like Netflix, but better than it.

If you are tired of using Netflix and willing to try other interesting platforms to stream TV series and watch movies online, then you should check out the below-mentioned Netflix Alternative apps, that are way better than the Netflix. Also you can visit sites like soap2day, 123movies, gomostream, fmovies and more sites to watch free movies online



The E-commerce Giant Amazon stepped into the Digital Content Distribution industry and Launched Amazon Prime Video. The Amazon Prime Video is similar to the Netflix but way better than it because of the unique features. The Amazon Prime Video comes with tons of Blockbuster movies and TV series to watch online. From the wide range of popular TV series and Movies to the Original content from the Amazon, viewers will have the great choice of fantastic content to watch.

Apart from the Movies and TV series, the Amazon Prime Video subscribers will get additional benefits on the Amazon E-commerce site. With loads of discount and free delivery options, the customers are getting full advantage from the Prime Video subscription. The Amazon Prime Video can be accessed easily from Desktop website or Smartphone app.                                           


Do you love TV series more than movies? Well, then the dedicated TV series streaming service is best for you. The Hulu Plus is one of the best online content streaming service and alternative to Netflix app. On the Hulu Plus, you’ll be able to watch popular TV series like South Park, Seinfeld, The Empire and many others.

The Hulu Plus is pretty popular streaming service in the United States and nearby countries. This service doesn’t have the wide variety of TV series collection, but you can find some hidden gems on this site to spend your time. The Hulu Plus can be accessed from many devices like Smartphone, PC and smart TV’s.


I know iTunes is not the dedicated streaming service provider. But, hey! Who cares when you can get almost all of the movies and TV series to watch on iTunes? On the iTunes, you can find many movie titles to Purchase or Rent for few hours, that too in few bucks. The movies available in both Standard and High Definition format.

If you own an Apple Product like iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook or the Apple TV, then the iTunes is the best option for you. Just surf the iTunes and rent the movie you want to watch. If you have Apple TV, then you can watch the movies on your Television screen.


The HBO is literally your Home Box Office. On HBO TV channel, you can watch their latest TV show episodes and almost all of the blockbuster movies. But, the  HBO Now Streaming service provides you with the same via a smartphone app and Desktop website. Well, on HBO Now, you can watch all of the episodes of their TV shows and Watch all of the movies in their library by paying monthly subscription charges.

If you are a fan of HBO TV shows like Sopranos, Game of  Thrones and Boardwalk empires, then you should definitely subscribe to the HBO Now service and enjoy binge-watching all of the episodes on-the-go.


Just like the HBO Now, the CBS All Access is the library of CBS Only TV shows. If you are a fan of CBS TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and others, you can purchase the subscription to CBS All Access and watch them online without any issues. Unlike the TV Channel, you’ll get access to all of the episodes of CBS Produced TV shows on the app and watch any of them as you want. The CBS All Access comes with almost 10,000+ TV series episodes that you can watch while sitting on your couch.

Not just the TV shows, the CBS All Access allows you to live to stream their TV channel on any platform you want. The CBS All Access can be accessed from Smartphone App, Desktop Site, iOS App, ChromeCast and other related streaming devices.


Hailed as Cable TV Alternative, the SelectTV comes out to become best Netflix alternative. The SelectTV aggregates the content from almost all of the TV Channel networks and shows it to you. Unlike the Cable TV, where you are forced to watch the live channels and not stream the content you like, the SelectTV allows you to watch anything anytime. With the access to 400,000+ TV Show Episodes, 100,000+ Movies. 2,000+ Live TV channels and 30,000+ Radio Stations, the Subscribers are overwhelmed with the choice.

The SelectTV is available to watch on almost all of the popular platforms like Android app, iOS App, Desktop, ChromeCast, Amazon Fire Stick, PlayStation and many others. With a monthly fee of $2.99/- subscribers are getting a fantastic Netflix Alternative.


There is no shortage of the FREE service providers in the Entertainment industry. You can get every service provided by Netflix for free of cost from the below-mentioned apps like Netflix. Here are the Free Netflix app alternatives, that you can opt to watch TV shows and Movies online for free.


Looking for a Free Version of Netflix? The PopCornFlix is known as the Free Version of Netflix because of the variety of TV shows and Movies it offers. The PopCornFlix offers tons of titles of Movies and TV Shows to stream for free. Also, there is no limit on how many movies/ tv shows you can watch in a day. So, the users can enjoy unlimited streaming.

The PopCornFlix contains many interesting movies and TV shows, that are not present on the other platforms. So, if you can spend time searching on this app, you can find the rare gems to watch and enjoy. In short, this is the best app like Netflix, but better and Free.


The Crackle is a Free Platform developed by the Sony Entertainment. As the Sony Entertainment is one of the most popular names in Entertainment industry, the Crackle comes with tons of blockbuster movie titles and TV show episodes. From Sitcoms, Mystery Series to the Blockbuster films, everything can be found on the Crackle App.

The best thing about the Crackle is that it’s Free of cost. The users just need to signup on their site and start watching movies and TV serials anytime they want. Also, the Crackle is available on Android, iOS, and Android Smart TV too.


The Hotstar is the Netflix of Indian People. The Hotstar is not completely Free service but counts in as the Freemium service. The Hotstar comes with the variety of content ranging from TV series, Live TV Channels and also the Movies. As a FREEMIUM service, the Hotstar comes with the limited content to watch for Free customers and all-access for Premium customers.

To Watch Latest TV Series like Game of Thrones, Flash, Sherlock Holmes and others, the users will have to purchase a premium subscription. If the users want to watch Live TV Channels and Select Movies, then there is no need to subscribe to any plan as it is free to watch.  The Hotstar is available on Multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Desktop and Smart TV. Unfortunately, it is only available in the Indian Subcontinent.


The TubiTV is a fantastic source of Free Movies and TV series streaming. On the TubiTV, users can watch over  7,400 Titles for free of cost. The TubiTV hosts the content which is licensed by almost 200+ Distribution partners, making it one of the biggest online movie library.

With tons of free content to stream online, and that too available on multiple platforms like Desktop, Android, iOS, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, Roku, ChromeCast and what not, the TubiTV becomes the last contender in this list of Best Netflix App Alternatives. To watch movies on TubiTV, users will have to create a Free account and enjoy watching movies for free.


The Netflix is undoubtedly one of the best apps to watch movies and TV series online. But, it is not the only Best Movie and TV Streaming service. There are way better alternatives to Netflix available and you should check them all and choose the one you find better. Well, These are the best Alternatives for Netflix app, which you can download on your smartphone and watch movies and TV series on-the-go. I hope you’ll like these Apps Like Netflix, But better.